Suzanne Luck from the Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) was the speaker for our program on 11/3 and our club presented her a donation of $2,379.50 to be added to the Thomas L. McNamara Memorial Rotary Parks Fund. Thomas's family was present during the this presentation and we enjoyed great fellowship together!
Thomas McNamara was passionate about building and enchancing the parks in our community. We are so proud to carry on his legacy through this incredible parks fund!
Visit and click donate now if you would like to make a contribution to this fund.
-Left to right is Erin Bemis (Thomas's daughter), Sherry Lahey (Thomas's widow), Suzanne Luck (Director of RCCF), Susan Bammert (Sherry's sister), Ben Elliott (HL Rotary Treasurer) and Rhonda Lamberg (HL Rotary President).